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About us



Radviliskis Culture Centre – multifunctional culture centre using modern technologies is open to Radviliskis community, fulfils the needs of its members and takes part in Siauliai regional and Lithuania‘s Highland regional culture. It is attractive to foreigners with its spread of cultural production, facilities and its recreation objects. The staff of Culture Centre consists of initiative, qualified specialists, able to operate the flows of information, respecting themselves and others.

Art groups are contemporary, fostering Lithuanian national self-awareness, having competitive ability under market conditions.

The staff of Radviliskis Culture Centre searches for partners willing to cooperate in the sphere of culture. We hope that our cooperation, cultural exchanges will be useful to our bilateral relations and enable us to present each other culture of our countries.




Every country is nice and dear to everyone living in it. It is even dearer when it is adorned by work and activities of its people.

2001 is the year when Radviliskis Culture Centre began its activity. The director of the Centre was Vitalijus Digrevičius, well-known to Radviliskis people as the leader of „Pono Kontrimo šou“ humour group.

The Centre tried to involve, as far as possible, different kinds of activities: lessons of old handicraft were organized, children were taught to make Užgavenių masks, organize shows presenting old traditions and customs to the community members.

Traditional „Armonikos pavakariai“ (Accordion eventides) invites elderly people to dance and sing together with the Culture Centre popgroup „Radviliukai“ (leader Anatolijus Domrinas).

For six years the group of national dances „Patrepsėlis“ (leader Vida Gilienė) has been joining respectable elderly people and organizes international festival „Ir ne tik iš Lietuvos“ (Not only from Lithuania).

Under the leadership of the Centre international amateur circus festivals „Mus vienija arena“ (We are united by the arena) are held periodically, because of the circus „Svajonė“ (Dream), the activities of which began in 1975 and its leader - Antanas Dabulskis.

The most valuable thing is that the amateur groups and their leaders propose their own ideas how to make free time of our community members more interesting. It has already become a tradition to organize „Šokių fiesta“ (Fiesta od dances) directed by Valerija Jurgauskienė, the leader of dance group „Aistra“ (Passion).

Kęstutis Pakštas works with the women choir and Laimute Steponavičienė . has been working with the choir of deportees and political prisoners„Versmė“ which celebrates its 15th anniversary.

In order to save and preserve traditional arts, traditional art exhibitions are held regularly.

We enjoy carved wooden works by national amateur artist Eugenijus Arbušauskas – the artist of Radviliškis Culture center.

Radviliškis Culture center is proud of folklore group „Aidija“ (leader Angelė Virgailienė), which keeps constant relations with our district, region and international organizations and it is invited to different shows. It is impossible to imagine Shrovetide festivals without „Aidija“ group. It gives not only concerts but can teach people about various traditions, attract people‘s interest.

Nor every town has Amusement parks but Radviliskis does. It is one of the biggest outdoor parks in Northern Lithuania. There various festivals, concerts are organized

Since 2007 when Romualdas Juzukonis became the head of the Center new kind of work began in the Center. Experienced, active people started collecting everything what is associated with ethnic culture in the district. The vision of Culture Center – appearance of new art groups, strengthening of the existing ones, saving and cherishing cultural heritage.

At present the Center tries to join various state and international programs, take part in projects, collect folklore for the future museum of ethno cultural festivals.

Young people propose their own ideas, join various groups and take part in the cultural life of our town. For example, a new brake group „OSB“, jazz group and hip hop dance group „BEAT“ and they have already represented the Center in district and republic shows.

The Center‘s role is not only organizational but it also collects and saves cultural heritage, carries out methodical activities. It has its own internet page ( where all the news about the Center are presented.

Ties of cooperation spreads and reach foreign countries. Two folklore groups - band „Seni pažįstami“ (leader Jūratė Stakvilevičienė) and dance group „Šelmiai“ (leader Edmundas Verpetinskas), are invited to take part in the festival of the Ukraine Lithuanians and to Europiada in Switzerland.

Radviliskis Culture Center is included in the program of modernization of cultural centers.

In April, 2008 Radviliskis Culture Center was awarded premium from Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for active, creative work fostering ethnical culture, amateur art, meeting cultural needs of Radviliskis community.

Everyone is welcome to the Center.